Starting a Practice

Are you opening a new practice?

Whether embarking on a new practice, expanding an existing one, or relocating a practice in the greater Houston area, members will find the "New Practice Checklist" an invaluable resource in the creation and maintenance of a successful enterprise. The checklist, presented by Medserv, the service company of HCMS, offers diverse professional and business related information gathered to assist physicians in every aspect of forming a new practice.


  • New Practice Checklist - A comprehensive list of tasks that need to be addressed when opening a practice.
  • Practice Management - A Practice Operations page that contains a variety of information designed to help physicians and their practices.
  • Telemedicine - Resources for implementing telemedicine in your practice.
  • Young Physicians Organization - The HCMS Young Physicians Organization (YPO) offers a variety of programs throughout the year for all young physicians to network for referrals and collaborate with colleagues.
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