Staff Directory

Harris County Medical Society (HCMS)/Houston Academy of Medicine (HAM)

Office: 713-524-4267, Fax: 713-526-1434

John P. McGovern Building
1515 Hermann Drive, Houston, TX 77004-7126

Office of the Executive Vice President

Sean Murphy, Executive Vice President and CEO - (ext. 333)
Teosha Blaylock, Director of Executive & Governance Administration - (ext. 260)
Kerry Hardwick, Administrative Assistant to Vice Presidents - (ext. 262)

Socioeconomics, Payment Advocacy, Practice Management, Healthcare Quality and Ethics

Rachel Zetino, Vice President, Business of Medicine and Operations - (ext. 227)
April Bellard, Director of Payment Advocacy and Practice Management - (ext. 203)
Alison Rutland, Director of Advocacy and Ethics - (ext. 219)

Member Services, Branch Societies, and Society Services

Ahuva Terk, Vice President of Member Services - (ext. 329)
LaCoya Boone, Director of Member Services - (ext. 224)
Regina Royal, Membership Development Manager - (ext. 243)
Debbi Eschenbach, Branch and Project Manager - (ext. 245)
Nancy Boone, Membership Coordinator - (ext. 221)
Lyssa Howeth, Event Coordinator and Database Management  - (ext. 218)
Katherine O'Brien, Society Services Coordinator - (ext. 223)
Open, Administrative Assistant - (ext. 227)
Suzy Pero, Receptionist - (ext. 290)

Public Affairs and Communications

Doug Abel, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications - (ext. 328)
John Elolf, Director of Communications - (ext.244)
Susan Loucks, Communications Coordinator - (ext. 269)
Sam French, Digital Communications Specialist - (ext. 240)

Accounting and IT Services

Gene Horr, Controller - (ext. 222)
Marina Swydnycky, Accounting Assistant - (ext. 230)
Bill Herold, System Support Coordinator - (ext. 241)

Medserv, Inc.

Office: 713-524-4267

Ahuva Terk, President - (ext. 329)
Louisa Glinski, Sales - (ext. 234)