Commercial Advertising Opportunities

Helping you reach more than 12,500 physicians and medical students in the Greater Houston area.

HCMS is proud to be largest county medical society in the nation. More than 7,500 practicing physicians in the Greater Houston area are HCMS members, which is approximately 65 percent of the practicing physicians in our community.

Whether you are just breaking into the health care market or interested in growing it, HCMS can help! Check out our Media Kit and review details below.

Nothing Beats Face-to-Face Interaction

Business Expo Participation

This one-day event offers a great opportunity to meet over 200 physicians and practice managers. It focuses on the business of medicine, providing our members and their senior staff with the opportunity to talk with businesses that offer medical practice solutions. Businesses can participate as Exhibitors and Sponsors. Both offer extensive visibility to market your solutions to the HCMS membership. As a participant, you will enjoy visibility prior to the expo and will receive a follow up list of the attendees.

    Upcoming Expo: The 2023 Business Expo will be held in the Fall. Stay tuned for details. To learn more about the HCMS Business Expo, Click for details.

Meeting and Event Sponsorships
HCMS hosts close to 30 meetings per year virtually and in-person for its various membership segments. Organizations are welcome to sponsor these meetings and network with our members. All sponsors will receive a list of the attendees following the meeting/event. Sponsorships start at $200. Click here for information on the meetings available for sponsorship throughout the year. In-person meetings will resume in the fall. For information on meetings currently available for sponsorship, contact Ahuva Terk at 713-524-4267, ext. 329 or

Achieve Consistent Visibility in Print and Online

Physician Newsletter

The Physician Newsletter is the most widely read publication by physicians in the Greater Houston area and has a circulation of more than 9,500. This is the primary avenue for communicating with our membership and features articles on the latest news, events, and helpful information related to the practice of medicine. This eight-page publication is received by the HCMS membership and subscribers, and is distributed by mail and email. Back issues remain on the HCMS website for three years. Click to view our newsletter library.

We offer Classified Ad space on page 7 (starting at $165 per issue), as well as commercial Specialty Ad space on page 3 across from the President’s Page ($450 per issue) and on the back cover ($500 per issue).

For submission deadlines, refer to the Newsletter Advertising Editorial Calendar.

Buyers Guide
The Buyers Guide is an online business directory featured on the HCMS website. It is a valuable resource used by physicians and staff to find products and services to meet their professional and personal needs. The Guide is promoted to our members and is used as our referral source for physicians calling the Society for products and services. The listings can be viewed by product category and some offer discounts. Advertising rate is $520 for 12 months. For the contract form, click here.

Physician BUZZ
The Physician BUZZ is a monthly e-news publication that comes out the 1st Sunday of each month, with a circulation of more than 9,500. It informs HCMS members about the top five HCMS/TMA member benefits each month. We offer two full color ad spaces per issue at a rate of $360 per issue per ad. Volume discount is available. For the contract form, click here .

HCMS Website
The HCMS website is designed to be a complete and consistent resource for our physician members. Besides all things related to their membership, it includes up to date news and events, community resources, helpful practice information and so much more. We offer Friends of the Society priority space and pricing on the home page. Multi-page ad 2nd tier space with a minimum contract of three months is available to everyone. Discounted pricing is available for longer term contracts. Click for additional information. For availability, contact Ahuva Terk at 713-524-4267, ext. 329 or

Physician Career Center
The Physician Career Center web page was designed for HCMS members looking for professional career opportunities. If you are interested in recruiting physicians, this is your best option.

  • Two sizes available.
  • Ads are grouped by specialty (i.e., Primary Care, Sub-Specialties, Surgical Specialties, Hospital Based and Multi-Specialties.)
  • Rates start at $150 per month.

Click for the Physician Career Center Advertising Guide, which includes rates, ad specifications, and conditions. Or for more information, contact Ahuva Terk at 713-524-4267, ext. 329 or

Are You Ready for the Next Level?

  Join Friends of the Society

HCMS can help you create a customized marketing plan to meet your needs and access the over 12,500 members of the largest county medical society in the U.S. By partnering with HCMS as a Friend of the Society, you will gain greater visibility and receive preferred registration for events and exclusive sponsorship opportunities. Friends meet annually for a network-building event where they discuss best practices in marketing and establish strategic partnerships with other Friends. Two program levels are available to fit your budget and advertising goals. Applications are accepted twice a year: December 15 through January 15, and June 15 through July 15.

The next registration period will start on December 15, 2022 and end January 15, 2023. For information on becoming a Friend of the Society, click here.