Don't get scammed this holiday season

Often considered a time of giving, your generosity may become prey to scammers. Many of these scams come in the form of fake charities. So, how do you avoid giving to a fake charity? Check below to see some easy tips to follow. 

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New Consent Forms required Jan. 1

Beginning Jan. 1, a patient must sign the new version of the Disclosure and Consent for Medical Care and Surgical Procedures Form and Disclosure and Consent for Hysterectomy Form. Changes to informed consent forms take effect Jan. 1.  

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New Medicare numbers required Jan. 1 

Medicare has changed all patient Medicare numbers and new cards were mailed. If physicians are not using the new Medicare number called the Beneficiary Identifiers (MBIs) on the patients new Medicare card, please start now. Effective Jan. 1, 2020, Medicare payments will stop if this number is not used.

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2020 HCMS Membership Dues

HCMS Membership Dues statements have been mailed. Being a member means that you will be supporting HCMS/TMA advocacy efforts on your behalf while accessing resources and tools to help you thrive in the practice setting of your choice. We appreciate your membership!

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