TxEver FAQs for physicians

HCMS has created a list of FAQs specifically designed to address physicians concerns about the new TxEVER Death Registry system.  

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Medicare physician participation status changes

Each year physicians and other providers have a limited time frame to change their Medicare participation status. While the time frame has not yet been announced, it is generally mid-November through December 31. This is the only opportunity during the year to change your participation status. Any change will be effective on Jan. 1.  

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New Medicare numbers required Jan. 1 

Medicare has changed all patient Medicare numbers and new cards were mailed. If physicians are not using the new Medicare number called the Beneficiary Identifiers (MBIs) on the patients new Medicare card, please start now. As of Jan. 1, 2020, Medicare payments will stop if this number is not used.

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2020 HCMS Membership Dues

HCMS Membership Dues statements have been mailed. Being a member means that you will be supporting HCMS/TMA advocacy efforts on your behalf while accessing resources and tools to help you thrive in the practice setting of your choice. We appreciate your membership!

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