Informing members on important issues, benefits, and services provided by HCMS

June 2022

HCMS Member Appreciation Day at the Health Museum

The event will be held on June 25, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will include an ethics CME and physicians’ staff orientation on HCMS benefits. HCMS members, practice managers and their guests are welcome to attend at no cost.

New Cigna policy increases administrative burdens

Physicians recently began receiving letters from Cigna advising them of a new reimbursement policy that will increase administrative burdens for physicians who bill modifier 25.

Staffing Services

HCMS and TMA offer numerous resources to help medical practices with their staffing needs including discounted staffing services from Favorite Staffing, as well as a Houston area Salary Guide reflecting placements made in private practices.

Hospital Survey Extended

The HCMS Physicians' Hospital Survey deadline has been extended to July 11. The survey is anonymous. Please complete it today. Click on the above link to start the survey.

HCMS member discounts

HCMS and TMA offer discounts for personal and professional use, including multiple practice operations discounts for practice supplies, equipment, hotels, and entertainment.

TMA Hassle Factor Changes

TMA’s Hassle Factor Log is now the Reimbursement Review and Resolution Service. Click on the link above to file a complaint, resolve an issue, or ask questions related to insurance reimbursements the Review and Recovery Team.

Presented by the HCMS Community Health Improvement & Communications Committee