Patient Relations

Communicating with Patients

Interpreters, translators and guidance for communicating with patients who are deaf or hearing impaired and those with limited-English proficiency (LEP). Find help in dealing with some difficult patient situations. Guidelines when communicating electronically.

Patient-Physician Relationship

Responsibilities and guidance when establishing and properly terminating the patient relationship, including sample termination letters, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Reputation Management

Preventing and repairing threats to your online reputation and building a strong positive presence. Know what is being said, learn what you can and cannot do about negative reviews, and work to build a favorable online reputation.

Treatment of a Minor

Statutes on a minor’s rights, parental rights, divorce, non-parental consent, and when emergency care is needed.

Treatment of Self, Family, Friends, and Employees

Rules and guidance to remain in compliance when treating oneself, family members, friends, or employees.

Cultural Awareness

The Houston-Harris County area has become the most racially and ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the nation. Find resources for physicians and their staff to effectively communicate with patients in cross-cultural situations with the goal to help improve clinical outcomes.