Recognition of HCMS Membership Advocates

HCMS established a program to recognize individual members who give of their time to advocate for memberships with HCMS and Texas Medical Association (TMA). We recognizes these physicians for their dedication in assisting with our membership recruitment efforts to strengthen the voice of medicine in Texas. This strong unified voice enables us to have a significant impact on medical and socioeconomic issues that affect physicians and their patients.

HCMS growth depends on its members. If you are interested in helping grow our membership, contact Ahuva Terk at Thank you for your support.

Ronda E. Alexander, MD - Otolaryngology
Melissa K. Allen, DO – Psychiatry
Henry l. Bethea, MD - Anesthesiology 

Louise H. Bethea, MD - Allergy
Lindsay K. Botsford, MD - Family Medicine
Suneel Chilukuri, MD - Dermatologic Surgery
Allan A. Conde, MD - Anesthesiology

Charles E. Cowles, MD - Anesthesiology
Anh Q. Dang, MD - Anesthesiology
Diana l. Fite, MD- Emergency Medicine
Lewis E. Foxhall, MD- Family Medicine
Bernard M. Gerber, MD - Psychiatry
Murtaza T. Ghadiali, MD – Otolaryngology
Angela M. Guerra, MD – Family Medicine
Robert E. Jackson, MD - Internal Medicine
Prasun Jalal, MD - Hepatology
Ahmed O. Kaseb, MD - Oncology
Shelley Q. Li, MD - Family Medicine
Andrew Li-Yung Hing, MD - Family Medicine

Shane M. Magee, MD - Internal Medicine
Kenneth L. Mattox, MD - Thoracic Surgery
Suzanne M. Manzi, MD - Pain Medicine, Physical
 Medicine & Rehab.

Murtaza Mussaji, MD- Internal Medicine
Stacy Norrell, MD - Anesthesiology
Sachin Patil, MD - Radiation Oncology
George H. Perkins, MD – Radiation Oncology

Evan G. Pivalizza, MD - Anesthesiology
Christopher N. Prichard, MD - Otolaryngology
Manish Rungta, MD- Gastroenterology

George D. Santos, MD - Psychiatry
Gary J. Sheppard, MD - Internal Medicine
Mina K. Sinacori, MD - Obstetrics/Gynecology

Stacy V. Smith, MD - Neurology
Michael J. Snyder, MD - Colon and Rectal Surgery
January Y. Tsai, MD - Anesthesiology

Eduard E. Valenzuela, MD - Pediatrics
Ronald S. Walters, MD - Oncology

Arlo F. Weltge, MD - Emergency Medicine
George W. Williams, II, MD – Anesthesiology

Membership Advocates are recognized:

  • In the Membership section of the HCMS website
  • Annually in the Physician Newsletter
  • On the HCMS Facebook page
  • By a name tag at branch meetings as HCMS/TMA Membership Advocate
  • By the HCMS Executive Board