Specialty and Affiliated Societies

Specialty Societies

The HCMS Council of Specialty Societies  consists of the presidents of each local specialty organization. The Council was created to achieve greater participation of the members in the activities of the Society and to provide a forum for the exchange of information on issues of mutual concern. 

The Council of Specialty Societies meets twice a year, in addition to the combined meeting with the HCMS Council of Hospital Chiefs of Staff.

For more information, contact 713-524-4267.

Society Services

There are 25 specialty societies in Harris County, that meet regularly for scientific presentations and camaraderie. Nineteen of these societies are administered by HCMS.

If you are interested in becoming a member of a specialty society or would like more information, contact LaCoya Boone at 713-524-4267, ext. 224 or lacoya_boone@hcms.org.

Affiliated and International Medical Societies

The HCMS Council of International and Affiliated Medical Societies   is composed of the presidents or a representative from each of the international medical societies in Harris County and the Houston Medical Forum. 

The primary goals for the Council are communication, collaboration and participation. The Council convenes at least two times per year to discuss the activities of the societies and those of HCMS and the Texas Medical Association (TMA). 

Activities of the Council include: 
  • Keeping the leadership apprised of legislative and socioeconomic issues;
  • Collaborating with members of the international medical community to take action on legislative and socioeconomic issues, i.e., contacting legislators, testifying before legislative subcommittees, etc.;
  • Having a dialogue with other international medical societies regarding their organizational structure and activities; and
  • Identifying international physicians who are interested in participating in HCMS/TMA through appointive and elective positions. 

The Council of International and Affiliated Medical Societies is a tremendous asset for forming new relationships and collaborations to address important issues confronting physicians and their patients. By working together, all of our organizations have more strength and influence.

For more information, contact Ahuva Terk at 713-524-4267, ext. 329 or ahuva_terk@hcms.org.