Mission, Vision and Strategic Planning

Vision Statement

The Harris County Medical Society will be our premier advocate, empowering physicians for leadership and service in activities that benefit the community and support the medical profession.

Mission Statements

The mission of the Harris County Medical Society is to be the leading advocate for our member physicians, their patients and our community, in promoting the best standards of ethical medical practice, access to quality medical care, medical education, research, and community health.

The mission of the Houston Academy of Medicine is to support the community service, education, scientific and charitable programs for physicians, their patients, and our communities

Strategic Planning Goals

  • Advocacy and the Voice of Physicians
    Determine and advance the membership's position on the ethical, quality, scientific, educational, social and economic aspects of medicine.
  • Member Benefits, Programs and Services
    Ensure member value through services, involvement and practice support.
  • Ethical Standards and Quality Medical Care
    Advance high ethical standards and quality medical care by example in all the Society's activities.
  • Community Health and Education
    Promote community health issues by providing quality public and professional health education programs and advocating effective and equitable public health policy. 
  • Organizational Strength
    Maintain a strong organizational infrastructure to serve our members.

Also see HCMS Bylaws.