Auto Program Reviews

What physicians are saying about the program.

"Phil is a great contact and the rate we got with the program was significantly lower than what we found anywhere else, including our own bank. I would definitely recommend it. Obtaining the loan made that part of our move back to Houston a bit easier."
Felicity Mack, MD

"The experience was fantastic! So easy! No haggling over the price. Stress-free. We love our new truck!"
Faustino G. Ramos, MD

"This was my first time using the service. Trust me, if you keep it around, it DEFINITELY won't be my last! This was TRUE VIP treatment - at the dealership and getting financing (painless application process and fabulous interest rate)!  It was PHENOMENAL! It made everything SO EASY!!!  We LOVED it!  I told my husband that we are not buying a car any other way from now on!! GREAT JOB!  THANK YOU!"
Arlette Brown, MD

"Thank you Phil for your assistance in locating a vehicle for my family and getting us such a great price. The final price was several thousands of dollars lower than what True Car and KBB estimate as a fair price for the same make/model/year/options that we chose. As this will be our primary vehicle and convenience is key for us, we added a maintenance package through the dealership. This was 30% below retail value due to VIP pricing and there was no 'hard sell' associated with it. The HCMS Auto Program’s credit union was able to provide the lowest financing rate @ 1.95%. (My wife and I have excellent credit, but the closest financing offered by others was 2.49% - 2.89%, which was surprising). The Credit Union also came through by providing a Mechanical Breakdown Protection Package through AGS that was as comprehensive as the one offered by the dealership, but $400 cheaper. Over the same 84 month term, it also covered an additional 50,000 miles. All in all, we are so thankful for you and the Auto program. Buying a car is not something either of us look forward to, and you made it so much less stressful by being in our corner, providing advise, and helping us keep the cost down whenever there were any bumps in the road regarding the price/finding the right vehicle."
S. Patil, MD and M. Patil, MD

"This was absolutely the best experience I've ever had buying a car. Night and day in terms of response time, loan amount, loan rate, customer service, etc."
Saviour Achilike, MD

"Thank you, HCMS, for your auto program! You made my mom one happy lady with a big red bow on a car delivered to the door. Great job, Phil!" 
Suzanne Manzi, MD

"It was great. One dealer came to my house with a car for me to look at and drive. Rest of that discussion was via email. Very nice. Second dealer contacted me by email. I told him what I wanted. He found the car and had it delivered to the dealership within two business days. I went there, fell in love with the car and took it home. Financing was arranged by HCMS via the online form I filled out. All of this was done online or by phone. Very quick and easy! I highly recommend this program to other physicians. I bought a Lexus, looked at an Audi."
Debra Harvey, MD

"Just purchased my car through the HCMS Auto Program. My experience with Phil Hornbeak, program director, was awesome. Phil made everything very easy, the dealer treated us with respect and Phil negotiated a GREAT deal for us. Most importantly, we did not have to wheel and deal. I would recommend the program to everybody. Great new HCMS and RPO member benefit."
Mirtha T. Casimir, MD

"Phil Hornbeak and the auto program did a great job helping me buy a new car last week. Lately my car has required a number of repairs and maintenance visits. I felt as if I was rebuilding it from the inside out. The cost of the most recent round of repairs was going to equal the residual value of the car itself! It was a stressful time, but Phil gave me good advice and he connected me with the finance office to get super-duper great rates for an auto loan. I initiated the financing documents from HCMS website and picked out the car I wanted. The new vehicle was ready for pick up the same day as the finance paperwork went through–probably the length of a business day. What a relief! Now I have a new and [most importantly] RELIABLE car for my family."
Carla C. Braxtom, MD,MBA, FACS

"I got the car I wanted. The deal went blindingly fast. Financing rate was outstanding. The auto program delivered on its promise of excellent customer care."
Keith Bourgeois, MD