Staffing and Human Resources

Tips and information related to staffing your medical practice, along with employee policy and procedure manuals.


Tips for Increasing Team Morale
One of the most daunting tasks for any leader or manager is to enhance team morale. High employee morale is essential to increase productivity, decrease turnover and increase customer satisfaction. Increasing employee morale does not have to be... Read More

6 Ways to Hire Like an HR Pro
Don't have the resources to employ a hiring professional at your medical practice? Here's how to master the hiring process on your own. You have the medical knowledge, experience, and skills for opening a private practice. But are you ready for... Read More 

Best Practices for Physician Recruiting
No matter what specialty or practice you’re recruiting physicians for, the marketplace is going to be competitive, experts agree. Not only is the general population aging and requiring more care, but as older physicians age and retire out of the system, there are even fewer providers.. Read More

Key skills needed for an Effective 360-review Performance Evaluation
With all of the types of employee performance reviews out there, and despite the best of intentions, it begs the question: is implementing and carrying out the controversial feedback method of 360 review performance evaluations demotivating? There seem to be so many professionals making their voice heard when it comes to dismantling... Read More

Conduct a Criminal Background Check Before Hiring 
The HCMS criminal background check service is a Harris County Medical Society (HCMS) member benefit. Searches include Local (Harris County) criminal convictions, National local and state offences, and... Read More

Staffing Correctly to Meet Patient Demand
A Lean Six Sigma concept can help medical practices boost patient satisfaction and experience by simply looking at who does the tasks required. In most medical practices, the biggest expense is... Read More

Crash Course for First-Time Managers
Being a medical practice manager means developing relationships, overseeing processes, upholding the practice mission, and managing a myriad of daily tasks and decisions. This book shows you how to create a team environment conducive to... Read More

How to Submit Your Best Practices
HCMS is asking physicians and their staff to send us their 'best practices' to post for the benefit of all members. Click here to submit.