Practice Management

A variety of 'best practice' solutions in relation to practice management issues.


Familiarize Yourself with Healthcare Industry Resources

The Harris County Medical Society (HCMS) has developed pages, guides, and other resources to assist staff, administrators, physicians, etc. on an abundance of topics. Our Medical Records page has loads of information to assist with questions about... Read More

Budgeting and Managing Practice Expenses

Annual budget development and monitoring are vital to the success of any business. With reimbursements stagnant, and the increasing costs in complying with mandated regulatory requirements, practices struggle to maintain... Read More

Strategic Planning – A Road Map to Business Success

The healthcare industry is a challenging market. The influences from outside forces can seem insurmountable, and coupled with poor business practices, the resulting pressures can have a detrimental impact on a physician’s business. In order to remain viable... Read More

How to Ensure Your Practice is not a Victim of Embezzlement

Studies show that over a five-year period, over 80% of medical practices will be the victim of embezzlement. Embezzlement starts small, and when not caught, emboldens the embezzler to take it to the next level. Often, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been stolen... Read More

Six Forms of Employee Theft

It often starts small. A pocketed $25 co-pay here, an inflated vendor invoice there. When the first swipe goes unnoticed, though, employee theft in a medical practice can expand quickly to schemes.. Read More

Protect Yourself from Out-of-state Lawsuits

The New Mexico Legislature recently passed House Bill 270, which allows Texas physicians to obtain a signed agreement from New Mexico patients stating that should they wish to file a lawsuit... Read More

Case Management/Care Coordinators – A Valuable Resource

Leverage Care Coordinators and other payer resources to reduce staff time and effort on managing difficult or complex patients. In the current pay-for-performance environment, it is necessary to demonstrate high quality care at low cost. Using all of a plan’s resources can help you... Read More

Key Performance Indicators – The Key to a Successful Practice

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics that can help determine if revenue cycle management processes are efficient and effective. KPIs help physicians and management assess the strengths and weaknesses... Read More


How to Submit Your Best Practices
HCMS is asking physicians and their staff to send us their 'best practices' to post for the benefit of all members. Click here to submit.