Appeals Process By Payer and Template Letters - information regarding appeal and dispute processes for the various major commercial payers, as well as template appeal letters.

Complaints  - information on how to file a payer complaints.  

Compliance Posters - links to the posters and notices that should be posted in the office.   

Concealed or Open Carry Handguns on Private Property  - TMA white paper regarding Prohibiting Concealed or Open Carry Handguns on Private Property.

Credentialing - Texas Expedited Credentialing - information regarding expedited credentialing for groups.

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) - information on the claims dispute process for self insured plans. 

EMS Patient Transportation Rules - information for patients regarding Houston's EMS Transportation rules.

Forms and Posters  - link to our Helpful Grids page for forms, templates, posters, and other resources.

Hearing Impaired Patients - information regarding rules and guidance on interpreters and treating hearing impaired patients, and those with limited-English proficiency (LEP).

Leaving a Group Practice - information regarding rules and guidance when leaving a group practice. 

Medical Records - information on medical records rules and regulations regarding.

Narrow Networks Complaints - TMA has drafted a letter template for patients to use to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) regarding network inadequacy. 

Out of Network Disclosure Forms - links to the the major payers "Out-of-Network Disclosure" forms. Participating physicians are required to have these forms completed prior to referring the patient to an out-of-network facility or physician.

Physician Extenders - information regarding the billing guidelines for physician extenders. 

Practice and Payment Models - information on various Practice and Payment Models (ACO, Bundled Payment, Cash Practices, etc.).  

Recoupments - information regarding recoupment rules and regulations. 

Reputation Management - information and resources on preventing and repairing negative online ratings and establishing a positive online presence.   

Starting Your Own Practice - a new practice checklist that is designed to help physicians starting their own practice.

Selling or Closing Your Practice - information regarding rules, guidance and resources when retiring, closing, or selling a practice.    

Telehealth  - information and rules regarding telehealth, as well as a link to HCMS' Telehealth Grid with payer policies and reimbursement information. 

Texas Medical Board (TMB) - information on Board rules, licensure, the complaint process, electronic death registration, the Prescription Monitoring Program, etc. 

Tort Reform Patient Agreement - Template agreement for out-of-state patients stating they agree that their medical care provided in Texas will be governed by Texas law. 

501(a) Health Care Organizations - information regarding 501(a) organization definitions, certifications, local organizations, and how to file a complaint.