HCMS – HAM Pictorial Roster

Pictorial Roster cover - 2018-19 

Ordering Information

To order a copy of the 2018-2019 Pictorial Roster, complete the Roster Order Form and fax it to HCMS at 713-528-0951.

If you have questions, contact Nancy Boone at 713-524-4267, ext. 221, or nancy_boone@hcms.org.

The roster contains:

  • Physicians by specialty and zip code – helpful in referring patients to physicians in their area
  • Biographical data and photographs of HCMS members
  • Medical Practice Listings – more detailed practice information, helpful in referring patients.
  • Contact information for product and service providers that can benefit medical practices.  

Also see the HCMS Buyer's Guide.

Advertising Information

To advertise in the Pictorial Roster, contact Ahuva Terk at 713-524-4267, ext. 329 or email ahuva_terk@hcms.org.

If you do not have a photo or haven’t sent HCMS a photograph in the last ten years, it is time to update your HCMS record with a new photo. Your colleagues and their staff use your photo to identify you when referring patients. 

Photo specifications are:

  • 300 dpi resolution; 
  • JPEG, TIFF, and PDF file types. 


Email to nancy_ boone@hcms.org. Please include your complete name.