Harris County Medical Society's (HCMS) Payment Assistance Program


HCMS has a program to assist our member physicians who have been unable to resolve claim issues/problems with payers.  Since 2000, HCMS has collected over $21 million for our members. 


If you are interested in participating please review the HCMS Payment Advocacy Program and Policy (pdf).  

      • Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rules, a signed HCMS Business Associate Agreement  (Feb 2016) (pdf) is required to be on file prior to our being able to assist our members in the Payment Advocacy Program.
      • HCMS staff can also assist you with practice management issues.
      • You may contact the HCMS Payment Advocacy Department by:
      • Calling 713-524-4267 or you may e-mail us at paymentadvocacy@hcms.org.  Please do not include any private health information in your e-mail. 

TMA Payment Advocacy Program & Policy/User Guide (Hassle Factor)

      • The Texas Medical Association (TMA) also has a program to assist member physicians with claim issues.
      • If you are interested in participating in TMA's Payment Advocacy Program please complete the  "Hassle Factor Log Resources".
      • Due to the HIPAA privacy rules, TMA also must have a signed TMA Business Associate Agreement (Sept 2013) (pdf) on file prior to assisting member physicians in their payment advocacy program.
      • TMA staff regularly meet with representatives of health plans to discuss issues affecting physicians statewide.  For TMA's