Harris County Medical Society's (HCMS) Payment Assistance Program


HCMS has a program to assist our member physicians who have been unable to resolve claim issues/problems with payers.  Since 2000, HCMS has collected over $21 million for our members. 


If you are interested in participating please review the HCMS Payment Advocacy Program and Policy (pdf).  

      • Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rules, a signed HCMS Business Associate Agreement  (Feb 2016) (pdf) is required to be on file prior to our being able to assist our members in the Payment Advocacy Program.
      • HCMS staff can also assist you with practice management issues.
      • You may contact the HCMS Payment Advocacy Department by:
      • Calling 713-524-4267 or you may e-mail us at paymentadvocacy@hcms.org.  Please do not include any private health information in your e-mail. 

TMA Payment Advocacy Program & Policy/User Guide (Hassle Factor)

      • The Texas Medical Association (TMA) also has a program to assist member physicians with claim issues.
      • If you are interested in participating in TMA's Payment Advocacy Program please complete the  "Hassle Factor Log Resources".
      • Due to the HIPAA privacy rules, TMA also must have a signed TMA Business Associate Agreement (Sept 2013) (pdf) on file prior to assisting member physicians in their payment advocacy program.
      • TMA staff regularly meet with representatives of health plans to discuss issues affecting physicians statewide.  For TMA's

AMA National Health Insurer Report Card (NHIRC)

      • The AMA publishes an annual report of the claims revenue cycle activities of the major commercial health insurers and Medicare. The NHIRC provides metrics on the timeliness, transparency and accuracy of claims processing of these payers in an effort to educate physicians and the public, and to reveal opportunities for improvement.  For their latest report card...