Payment Advocacy Program

HCMS Payment Advocacy Program 


As a member benefit, HCMS offers payment assistance at no charge to member physicians to resolve claims payment issues with the major payers in the Houston market. Since 2000, our Payment Assistance Program has collected over $23,000,000 in disputed claims payments for our members. For assistance, please review and sign the HCMS Business Associate Agreement and contact our Payment Advocacy department at 713-524-4267 or email us at Please email protected health information securely or de-identify it. It may also be faxed to our secure HIPAA fax at 713-528-0951. 

TMA Payment Advocacy Program

The TMA also has a program to assist member physicians with claims payment issues. TMA staff regularly meet with representatives of health plans to discuss issues affecting physicians statewide. If you are interested in participating in TMA's Payment Advocacy Program please visit their  "Hassle Factor Log Resources" page or contact them at 1-800-880-1300.