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HCMS is dedicated to providing physicians with resources for all facets of their practice.  Running a practice can be complicated and involves many different areas of healthcare.  To help facilitate your search we have grouped our sections into the main areas of healthcare.

Featured Section: 

Information Tools and Grids

  • HCMS has developed several grids and tables to assist physicians' offices with contacting health plans (for eligibility, benefits, precertifications, ect.), and in areas such as behavioral health, a comparison of efficiency & quality programs, a language search for physician, incentive bonus programs, a search for physicians by language, and a chart of Web Portal systems, and more.

Newest Updates 

  • This section provides a quick overview on the most important and pertinent updates.  (e.g. deadlines, new forms, new laws)


  •  This section provides Information and resources to maintain autonomy in both a clinical and business setting.


  • This section provides information and tools on any billing and coding issues such as ICD-10, CMS 1500 revisions, and recoupments.

Buyers Guide 

  • The Buyers Guide is a compilation of businesses and vendors that provide services to physicians and their practices.  The guide is organized in to categories to help you refine your search.


  • This section provides information and tools to help your practice stay in compliance with new and on-going state and federal regulations.  HCMS has a Compliance Calendar that will help you identify all the different deadlines you need to follow.

Develop Your Patient Base

  • This section provides information and tools that can help physician practices develop and maintain their patent base. 


  • This section provides guidance and information in areas such as medical records, consent for treatment of a minor, the patient-physician relationship, risk management, reporting duties, treatment of self, family and friends, and more, as well as information and resources on the Texas Medical Board (TMB) and Medical Practice Act, Texas Medical Association (TMA), and American Medical Association (AMA).

 Health Information Technology 

  • This section provides guidance and information in areas such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs), participating in the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs (Meaningful Use), and Health Information Exchanges (HIE).

Hospital Portals 

  • This section contains Web portal links to hospitals in the Houston area for physicians to access their patients' clinical and billing information.

Medical Records


  • This section provides rules and guidance concerning fees, release requirements, retention, and more. 



  • This sections provides guidance and information on the various commercial, federal, and state insurance plans as well as the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Payment Assistance 

  • This section provides information on how HCMS can assist our member physicians who have been unable to resolve claims issues/problems with payers.  Since 2000, HCMS has collected over $19 million for our members.

Practice Operations 

  • This section provides tools and guidance on running a physician practice. 

Reputation Management

  • Info and resources on preventing and repairing negative online ratings and establishing a positive online presence.


  • This section provides information and guidance on quality improvement programs such as Bridges to Excellence (BTE), Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), patient experience and other pay for performance (P4P) models.