• Prioritizing physician wellness

    HCMS has created the Physician Wellness Program designed to connect physicians with psychiatrists and psychologists who can provide needed help. If you need assistance, call HCMS at 713-524-4267 and ask for the Physician Wellness Program.

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    Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

    The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is an opportunity to provide preventive care and screenings to your Medicare patients, and is an ongoing source of revenue for the practice. 

    Tax Amnesty Program may save you!

    Do you need to file past-due sales or franchise tax reports, or change reports that under reported taxes, but you don't want to pay the penalties and interest? The state Comptroller of Public Accounts has implemented the Texas Tax Amnesty Program from May 1 to June 29.

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    90-day dispense of medication allowed in TX

    Texas law allows pharmacies to dispense a 90-day supply of medication automatically even when physicians only want the patient to receive the dispensed amount written on the prescription. 

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