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HURRICANE FLORENCE: Resources for Physician/PA Volunteers

The North Carolina Medical Board(NCMB) has approved an emergency disaster licensing policy so clinicians outside of North Carolina who are not licensed in NC may obtain emergency authority to practice in the state.

There are two methods for obtaining emergency licensure.

  • First (and fastest) option: Clinicians who hold full, unrestricted licenses in their home states and are credentialed and in good standing with a hospital may report directly to a NC hospital to assist. The NC hospital will verify the clinician’s credentials and put them to work. This process is modeled on a system developed in Texas to quickly deploy volunteer medical responders who came in to the state in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.
  • Second option: Clinicians who are not credentialed with a hospital in their home states may submit an application with NCMB for an emergency disaster license. This license authorizes a volunteer clinician to practice in NC for 30 days, or until the state of emergency is officially declared over. Physicians, physician assistants, licensed perfusionists and anesthesiologist assistants may apply. There is no fee.
 Access the disaster license application form  
Read the emergency license policy for PAs 
Read the emergency disaster license policy for physicians. 

The policies described above are separate from and in addition to the state Office of Emergency Medical Services’ established system for managing emergency medical response in the state.

Never self-report to provide assistance.

To volunteer go to The American Red Cross Disaster Health and Mental Health Volunteer page for eligibility requirements and to apply.

If you would like to donate to help physicians who were affected by Hurricane Florence, send your donation to 

North Carolina Medical Society Foundation 

PO Box 2716 

Raleigh, NC 27611

Indicate "Florence Relief for Physicians" on the gift.

You can also donate blood to the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. Find closest blood center at www.giveblood.org


Are you ready for a hurricane or other major disaster?

Physician Alert System

In case of a major disaster or public health emergency, it is imperative that we have instant communication with as many physicians as possible. 

Click here to sign up for the HCMS Physician Alert System

This database is only utilized in cases of emergency or to notify you of a critical public health problem. 


Disaster Preparedness Brochure

HCMS has created a brochure to assist you in preparing for a hurricane or other major disaster. It includes information on developing a disaster plan for your practice, a disaster supply kit, evacuation plan, and plan to secure your practice. There is also information on patient and employee communication. Additionally, you may link this page to your website, as there is helpful information for patients.