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Are you ready for a hurricane or other major disaster? The Harris County Medical Society has developed information to assist you in preparing for a hurricane or other major disaster. In the brochure, you will find information on developing a disaster plan for your practice, a disaster supply kit, evacuation plan, and plan to secure your practice. There also is information on patient and employee communication.

Please print this out and keep it handy. It would also be handy to link this page to your Web site as there is information here that can be helpful for your patients.

Preparing Your Practice for a Disaster (color & graphic version - pdf document)            
Click here for a black & white version with no graphics - (pdf document) 

Sign up for the HCMS Physician Alert System

In case of a major disaster or public health emergency, it is imperative that we have instant communication with as many physicians as possible should the need arise. This database will be utilized only in the case of emergency or to apprise you of a critical public health problem.

Register with the Medical Reserve Corps 
If you plan to volunteer during a disaster, please register with the Medical Reserve Corps which will provide you with liability immunity for rendering care in a declared emergency. 


Volunteer to help (link to the Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry)
The Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry is run by the Texas Department of State Health Services.  Texas Physicians can sign up with the registry as a volunteer to provide medical help to Texas communities during or after a disaster.

Volunteer Protection Act