Find A Physician Referral Service


Did you know HCMS has a call-in physician referral service?

Patients can call the HCMS office at 713-524-4267, seeking physician referrals. 

The Physician Referral Service consists of HCMS member physicians from a wide variety of specialties and choose to participate in the referral program.

Geographically, the county is divided into 16 areas using zip code designations. Our database of participating physicians is set up by specialty and location of the physician.

The caller chooses what type of physician is desired and in what zip code. We do not require any identification of the party making the call.

The caller is given a choice of three names that are randomly selected by the computer on a rotating basis. In addition to name, address and telephone number, if requested, the caller may receive a physician's educational background, such as: year of graduation from medical school, residency, internship, board certification, national scientific medical society membership and language ability.

At this time we do not offer this service online.