HCMS Encourages Physician Wellness

The Harris County Medical Society advocates for physicians by engaging with our legislators, regulators and payers; providing benefits to achieve work-life balance, and assisting with potentially overwhelming administrative burdens to ease some of the issues which can contribute to physician stress and burnout. Below are some resources available to help bring back your passion for being a doctor.

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Resources to deal with stress and burnout

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Seminars and Events

Seminars listed are scheduled to take place in Houston unless otherwise stated. Click on the links for details.
Membership Discounts

Achieving Work Life Balance

Achieving a good work life balance is about taking time to get away from the pressures of the office and giving your mind a rest either by spending time with your family or alone on an engaging hobby. HCMS has multiple discounts on sporting events, theater tickets and special events to help improve your work life balance. Click here for a full listing of discounts.


Reducing Office Stress

HCMS is dedicated to providing physicians with resources for all facets of their practice.

Alleviating Regulatory and Legislative Burdens

HCMS advocates for you with state and national legislators.