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More than 11,000 physicians, residents and medical students are here. 
How can they find you?

HCMS is the largest county medical society in the United States, offering many ways to advertise, market and network with physicians. 

  • Advertise in the annual printed HCMS Pictorial Roster (circulation approx. 9,500) 
  • Advertise in the monthly printed and emailed Harris County Physician Newsletter (circulation approx. 9,500); 
  • Exhibit and network with physicians at the Spring and Fall Business Expos' (approx. 200 attendees); 
  • Become an Event Sponsor and network with physicians at one of our social events; 
  • Advertise on the HCMS Website; and 
  • When you are ready to take your visibility to the next level, you can join the Friends of the Society program.


Whether you want to maintain consistent visibility, or are breaking into the market... HCMS can help you reach your goals.