Staff Directory

Harris County Medical Society (HCMS) – Houston Academy of Medicine (HAM)

Phone: 713-524-4267

Office of the Executive Vice President
Greg Bernica, EVP & CEO (ext. 333)
Teosha Blaylock, Executive Assistant (ext. 260)

Socioeconomics, Payment Advocacy, Practice Management, and Ethics
Pat Harris, Senior Vice President (ext. 228)
April Bellard, Director of Payment Advocacy & Practice Management (ext. 203)
Alison Rutland, Director of Advocacy & Ethics (ext. 219)
Rita Cheikhali Eychner , HIT & Quality Coordinator (ext. 229)
Kerry Hardwick, Administrative Assistant to the Vice Presidents (ext. 262) 

Member Services, Branch Societies, Society Services
Ahuva Terk, Vice President of Member Services (ext. 329)
Priscilla Villarreal, Membership Development Manager (ext. 243)
Debbi Eschenbach, Branch & Project Manager (ext. 245)
Nancy Boone, Roster Coordinator (ext. 221)
Regina Royal, Project Liaison (ext. 218)
Mandy Bray, Administrative Assistant (ext. 227)
Suzy Pero, Receptionist (ext. 290)
LaCoya Boone, Director of Society Services (ext. 224)
Elizabeth Gobran, Society Services Coordinator (ext. 223)

Public Affairs & Communications
Doug Abel, Vice President of Public Affairs & Communications (ext. 328)
John Elolf, Director of Communications (ext.244)
Maria Sandoval, Communications Production Design Coordinator (ext. 240)
Susie Loucks, Communications Assistant (ext. 269)

Accounting & IT Services
Cheryll Miller, Vice President of Accounting & IT (ext. 222)
Marina Webb, Accounting Assistant (ext. 230)
Bill Herold, System Support Coordinator (ext. 241)


Medserv, Inc.

Phone: 713-526-7378

Ahuva Terk, President (ext. 329)