Harris County Medical Society Officers and Executive Board

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George D. Santos, MD, President

Bernard M. Gerber, MD, President Elect  

Robert E. Jackson, MD Vice President  

Stephen E. Whitney, MD, Secretary/Treasurer  

Ronald S. Walters, MD, Fourth Year Member at Large  

Gary J. Sheppard, MD, Third Year Member at Large  

Dexter G. Turnquest, MD, Second Year Member at Large  

Mina K. Sinacori, MD, First Year Member at Large  

Charles E. Cowles, Jr., MD, Chair, Board of Ethics  

Stacy L. Norrell, MD, Chair, Board of Medical Legislation   

Jaideep H. Mehta, MD, Chair, Board on Socioeconomics  

Matthew D. Hoggatt, MD, Chair, Council of Hospital Chiefs of Staff    

Garvin H. Davis, MD, Chair, Council of International and Affiliated Medical Societies  

Carol J. Green, MD, Chair, Council of Specialty Societies  

Sherif Z. Zaafran, MD, Chair, Delegation to TMA   

Ronda E. Alexander, MD, President, Central Branch  

Diana Medina, MD, President, East Branch  

Atif Shahzad, MD, President, North Branch  

Murtaza T. Ghadiali, MD, President, Northwest Branch   

Murtaza Mussaji, DO, President, Southeast Branch  

Elise T. Sadoun, MD, President, Southwest Branch  

Asif Ali, MD, President, Western Branch  

James T. McDeavitt, II, MD, Baylor College of Medicine  

George W. Williams, II, MD, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth   


Houston Academy of Medicine Officers and Board of Trustees

Ronald S. Walters, MD - President

Gary J. Sheppard, MD - Vice President

Dexter G. Turnquest, MD - Treasurer

Mina K. Sinacori, MD - Secretary

For questions please contact Teosha Blaylock, Executive Assistant, at the HCMS office by calling 713-524-4267, ext 260 or via email at teosha_blaylock@hcms.org.