Bridges to Excellence Programs

Get recognized and rewarded for providing excellent patient care.

What is Bridges to Excellence?

The Bridges to Excellence (BTE) programs recognize and reward clinicians who deliver superior patient care. BTE programs measure the quality of care delivered in provider practices. BTE places a special emphasis on managing patients with chronic conditions, who are most at risk of incurring potentially avoidable complications. Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, administration of the BTE Recognition Programs transitioned to Altarum and is now free to submit data and become BTE recognized through their portal.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) is a licensed sponsor of the BTE Asthma Care, Cardiac Care, Diabetes Care and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Care recognition programs and invites physicians who treat patients with these conditions to become BTE recognized. BCBSTX will pay a BTE recognized physician $150 per BCBSTX qualified diabetes patient per year, $100 per BCBSTX qualified cardiac patient per year, $100 per BCBSTX qualified asthma patient per year and $100 per BCBSTX qualified IBD patient per year.

How to become Bridges to Excellence recognized?

Step 1 - Determine if you are eligible to participate by reviewing eligibility criteria within the program guides found in Step 5.

Step 2 - Choose which of the four programs sponsored by BCBSTX that you would like to participate in Asthma CareCardiac CareDiabetes CareIBD Care. Note: There are other BTE recognition programs through Altarum, although the four listed above are the only programs that BCBSTX sponsors and pays for.

Step 3 - Decide if you will participate in the program as an individual (1 clinician) or group (3-20 clinicians). To earn recognition, you must meet certain outcomes and process benchmarks.

Step 4 - Review the program you have selected to determine what data elements you will need to collect from your patient charts (can be found in documents linked in Step 5).

Step 5 - Gather the patient data for the program you will be participating in. For individuals you will need a minimum of 25 patients. For groups each clinician must provide a minimum of 10 patients but the overall group must average 25 patients. Review the criteria needed to achieve recognition in Asthma Care, Cardiac Care, Diabetes Care, IBD Care.

Step 6 - Collect your patient data by either extracting it from your EHR, or manually via patient charts.

Step 7 - Create a login through the BTE portal and apply for recognition (at no cost). Depending on the pathway you have chosen, how you apply for recognition varies. Contact for any question or issues on the recognition process.

Step 8 - Once you become BTE recognized you will be automatically included in the BCBSTX incentive program. BCBSTX obtains a BTE recognized provider list from Altarum each month. BTE recognitions are valid for two years, however if you would like to receive a higher recognition rating, you may do so after 90 days from your last submission.

Step 9 - BCBSTX will attribute their members to you for the program you are recognized for. BCBSTX will load this patient list to the Texas Provider Portal and notify the physician. BCBSTX will mail the user name and password to first time portal users.

Step 10 - The clinician will log into the portal and enter and submit biometric data for each patient attributed to them. Once the biometrics are complete the physician downloads the claim submission form. Physicians file a claim with a specific CPT code and date of service provided by BCBSTX following their normal claim filing process. BCBSTX pays the incentive through the claims payment system. Contact a BCBSTX Program Specialist at for any issues or questions.