Practice Listings 

Creating a Practice Listing is easy:

1. Read the Terms of Agreement below to ensure you meet membership requirements for a Practice Listing and agree to all other terms.
2. View the sample Practice Listing provided below for potential ideas.
3. Draft the listing for your practice. As you draft it, be aware that fonts and formatting are pre-set. Each listing has a maximum of eight (8) lines, 37 characters per line. When you enter your information during the creations process, you will be able to see a very close version of what it will appear like in the HCMS Pictorial Roster.

Know that practice listings in the Pictorial Roster will be:

  • Alphabetized by specialty (list is in same order as is customarily used in the roster);
  • Listed alphabetically by the practice name within the specialty; and
  • Listed alphabetically by the last name of the first physician appearing in the heading, if there is no corporate name.

4. Click on the "Proceed to Next Step" link below.  The electronic process will take you through the easy steps to complete your Practice Listing.
5. Once HCMS receives your Practice Listing submission, an invoice will be sent to you.
6. HCMS will submit the final version of your listing to give you an opportunity to review it.
7. The HCMS/HAM 2019-2020 Pictorial Roster will be published August 15, 2019.


Publication & Renewal:  
Your printed Practice Listing will appear in the upcoming 2019-2020 edition of the HCMS/HAM Pictorial Roster and requires an annual fee.    

Pricing Information & Eligibility:

  • Print Practice Listing: $225 per listing, per year.
  • $199 for each additional print Practice Listing, per year.   


  • Practices with 10 or fewer physicians must have 100% membership in TMA.
  • Practices with more than 10 physicians must have at least 80% membership in TMA. 
  • All physicians listed by name in the print listings must be HCMS members.
  • Only members of HCMS will be included in the Harris County Physician Directory. 

  To reserve listing space, practices must submit a Practice Listing form with full payment. You will be invoiced upon HCMS's receipt of you listing. Only listings that are paid in full by June 1, 2019, will be included in the 2019-2020 Pictorial Roster. We accept payment by check (made to Medserv) or credit card.

Refund Policy:   Payments are non-refundable.

Copy Deadline & Submission Terms: Practice Listings copy for the printed Pictorial Roster and full payment must be received by June 1, 2019. Copy received after June 1, 2019, may not be included in the 2019-2020 Pictorial Roster. Submission of the printed listing is by email, which is included in the form provided below for creating your listing. 

Liability:  Each practice is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted. Neither Medserv, Inc. nor HCMS shall be responsible for errors in any listing due to errors in copy submitted by the practice, including any fines levied for violations of advertising rules. In the event of any other errors, the liability of Medserv, Inc. and HCMS shall be limited to the return of any charges paid by the practice to HCMS. The practice assumes full and complete responsibility and liability for the content of their listing. The practice shall indemnify and hold Medserv, Inc. and HCMS harmless against any demands, claims, or liability for content. 

As you compose your Practice Listing be sure to follow Texas Medical Board (TMB) rules for promoting your specialization.

You may use “board certified” or something similar only if the certifying organization meets strict criteria set by TMB.

Don’t stretch the use of “board certified” or similar terms. Don’t use “board certified” if the certification has expired and you have not renewed it by the time the Practice Listing is published. Also, don’t use misleading terms such as “board eligible” and “board qualified.”

You are allowed to advertise a specialty as a “field of interest.” However, each listing of a field of interest must include the phrase “Not certified by an organization recognized by the Texas Medical Board.” This statement must be separate from other statements and be “displayed conspicuously with no abbreviations, changes, or additions in the quoted language.” For example, a listing cannot state, “Certified by American Academy of Family Practice,” because this organization does not meet TMB criteria for certifying organizations.The listing could say: “Member of the American Academy of Family Practice. Not certified by an organization recognized by the Texas Medical Board.”

If you violate TMB rules on advertising board certification, the board may take legal action to remove the offending listing, levy a fine, and publicly document your misdeed. The board may even report it to the National Practitioner Data Bank.

Disclaimer:  The inclusion of the Practice Listing in the HCMS Pictorial Roster shall not constitute an endorsement of the practice or its services by either Medserv, Inc. or HCMS.

By choosing this "PROCEED TO NEXT STEP" link, I agree to these TERMS OF AGREEMENT.

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Click here for  "Practice Listing" samples.  

All questions about Practice Listings should be directed to: Debbi Eschenbach, 713-524-4267, ext. 245; email,; Fax: 713-528-0951.